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Benefit #1

It can be passed on to your children

Benefit # 2

It provides a better home life for children

Benefit #3

It is something to be proud of

Benefit #4

It gives you more independence and control

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This home buyer workshop will help you discover ways to use your house as a tool for protecting current wealth and creating new wealth. You will learn that “location, location, location” is no longer just about the physical location of the house. It now incorporates the location of your house equity as well.

Searching for San Diego homes for sale? Many buyers started their journey by attending our NO-Nonsense, NO-Obligation, completely FREE first time home buyer workshop.



In this home buyer workshop, you will discover how to manage your house:

  • As a hedge against inflation
  • To build your personal wealth
  • Tax savings (Federal and State)
  • Asset diversification
  • Forced savings

And you will learn about:

  • The steps to buying a home
  • California FHA and other first time home buyer programs
  • How to build credit
  • Mortgage rates


Benefits of Homeownership

  • It is something to be proud of
  • It can be passed on to your children
  • It allows more flexibility to design it the way you want
  • It gives you more privacy
  • It gives you more independence and control
  • It provides a better home life for children
  • It is a sign of success
  • It makes you feel more like part of a community
  • It allows you to live in a better, safer neighborhood

 THE SMART HOME BUYER – Whether it’s your first home or last home, this in-depth home buying course teaches every critical aspect of purchasing a home. It starts with understanding your WHY and moves onto PREPARING and UNDERSTANDING the financial decisions being made. Time is spent understanding the dual process involved and how and why interests and loan programs change. The class touches on how to avoid mistakes that cost many home buyers thousands.

“Carl does a great job at explaining the steps in purchasing a home. He is always up to date with the most relevant information for our market. I highly recommend going to his workshop. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or would like to be a first time home buyer in the future, it is important to understand the process. You may be surprised that you are ready to buy now!-Kris A.



“Carl Spiteri’s, Smart Home Buyer’s Workshop, is very detailed and gives attendee’s the necessary information needed to make an informed decision on whether purchasing a home is a good choice for them or not. I highly recommend that all first time home buyers attend this short and concise workshop. As they say, Information is Power.” – Craig Y.